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There are some good factoring companies here in Arkansas and others around the country.

If you're looking for a company to factoring your invoices, freight bills or medical receivables or just wanting to learn more about your options, we're happy to talk to you!

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Factoring has a long tradition as being a superior tool to improve cash flow and otherwise obtaining working capital. Much like credit card processing giving you cash immediately and someone else has to wait on the actual payment from the purchaser.

Factoring is not a loan, factoring is obtaining cash immediately for invoices not yet paid.

You have undoubtedly seen various websites making claims of being the best, lowest cost or fastest source of factoring. As a business owner you know only one can be the "best factoring company" "America's factoring company" "Lowest accounts receivable factoring rates" "Highest cash advances" or whatever the claim may be.

How about things like "Arkansas Factoring Companies" or ...

Our advice is to get bids from various factors or brokers, ask fellow business people in a similar industry, your lender and your accountant their opinions.

 This should give you a better perspective of the industry, benefits, costs & shortcomings.

Invoices into Cash in 24 Hours

Factoring your receivables in Arkansas

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It matters little whether you're in healthcare, construction, a service based industry or manufacturing it is likely that a program is available to you. 

Although factoring is not always the best answer in some cases there is truly no substitute.

The secret is to know your options.


Factoring Company Arkansas | Factoring in Arkansas